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My sincerest apologies to everyone who has ever complimented me and received this type of response.

My sincerest apologies to everyone who has ever complimented me and received this type of response.<< what even is a compliment?

My college recently put on the Tempest and added a bit of rapping to the scene where the two men meet Calaban. And I think that’s just what Shakespeare would have wanted.

'Alabama accent' I'm from Alabama I take no offense to this. Personally, I think it's great we have an 'accent' if our own, even if it is just meaning sounding like a southern hick


im so used to my parents yelling that i don't flinch when i get yelled but i start crying when it's someone that i know and trust

How would he turn into silence?

I mean, I handle social situations everyday.

MEEEE  i used to say that i was like the straightest person ever lmao

Catjolic, LGBTQA+, spoiler alert 2012 me, you're super fricking gay

Yes I would never leave an animal to die in a fire. If they die, I'm dying with them

Make one special photo charms for your pets, compatible with your Pandora bracelets. Got to get my bird our dog and our guinea pigs


especially when you think of someone as a best friend bc they mean so much to you but they think of you as an acquaintance bc you are nothing but a minor background character in their life

Not even if you’re going to date me. If you are going to be my friend, you’re going to have to accept these facts!

I hate when people try and make small talk during my silences. It just makes everything awkward when it wasn’t in the first place.

This incredible confusion.

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This is the funniest goddamn post on this website

Relatable. Too relatable...

I get complimented by strangers and I'm like oh thanks but if my friends compliment me I begin screaming

The only thing that relates to me in this post is the fact that I have ridiculously high expectations XD EXCUSE THE LANGUAGE AT THE TOP. DID NOT MAKE THIS!!!!!!!

Unable to find love because, in addition to the fact I'm fiercely unattractive and I'm not particularly interesting nor talented, my standards have been set unrealistically high after years of mentally dating celebrities and/or fictional characters

Or "equality" or and race, gender, sexual orientation etc. Etc.

Unless it's vegetables XD

:: @milkandhoneybees ::

LMFAO dead, and that movie was bomb

Chopped is love. Chopped is life.

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My stress levels just gone gone

And finally, the kid who proved that we're still jerks when we grow up:

My mom fell for it too

Oh my goodness, I will never get over this. This is such a cute story

Aww Cutest first kiss story ever!