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psycho anime guy - Google Search

psycho anime guy - Google Search

Spoiler   i actually miss this guy like omg when i watched that episode i was like nooooooo

He's smart, he's cute, he's funny, he's Shuusei Kagari. (and he's dead.

Though I'm not comfortable with that particular swear, this is by far the best thing about the show. psycho pass quotes - Google Search

I don't know if this is Shinya or not, but I like the possibility that it is, so I'm pinning it to my Psycho-Pass board.

/PSYCHO-PASS/#1442260 - Zerochan

Psycho-Pass characters in the Durarara! ending theme

Постійне посилання на вбудоване зображення

あきら/11/10コミックス発売 on

aaaaaaaaaaah hot guy with tie =>my weak point.and smoking.mmm--- kou from psycho pass