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A sheep and cat. My two favorite animals.

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The kitten that fell in love with his turtle friend. Animals do not discriminate when they bond with another. So cute how the turtle just cuddles with the kitten

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A cat became friends with a cotswold sheep at a living history museum in Nova Scotia, Canada. “There is a strange romance happening at my work,” said an employee from the museum.

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It's not only kids who get excited for Santa to visit; these cats are getting into the holiday spirit and are impatiently counting down the hours, minutes, seco


21 Adorable Creatures Who Have No Clue That 2016 Is A Giant Trash Fire

You bite that nose, kitten. You’ve never heard two grown men engaging in horrifying “locker room talk.

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Mrsgunka sent me a lovely collection of photos. The subject line was "Every cat should have a dog." Well, every dog should have a cat, it wo.

I love dachsunds, but don't get one, their back problems are a total heartache.  I miss you Buddy

Awww how cute! Reminds me of our siamese cat and lab mix dog together! So sweet

My favorite part is how soaked the cat is in the end.:

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