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Best Under the influence moment

Best Under the influence moment

White Collar season 6 on set

“Thanks you Ms Diahann Carroll for an amazing 6 years, what an honor to act with and befriend a legend!

GUUYYYYYSSSS!!!!! Lets take a moment to talk about this ok? Neil comes off as confident, cool, collected, having it all together, but he DOESN'T. In 2x09 we see Neil come as undone as we've ever seen him up to that point because of Kate's death. He freaking PULLS A GUN on Garret Fowler, and Neil HATES guns. I forget which episode, but he says he paints to relieve stress and has a whole storage room worth of art.(1/2)

If this is true, then this shifts Neal's entire character, just a little bit. But she also diagnosed him as a sociopath, which I think is inaccurate - can we talk about this whole episode?