Yoga for stretching and opening hip muscles. Helps with the splits. Would be great for Jutty for tae kwon do!

sophspiration sophspiration rachaeldee: “ Yoga for hip openers hello friends! ever since these photos of me started making the rounds on t.

Waffles The Scottish Fold

La cute little ducklings and kitty. JUST like the aristocats! OMG Thomas O'malley as kitten and the Gobble sisters as the duckling!


This is the most wonderful thing ever: A mother coyote teaching her pups to howl. "Howling Lesson" by Debbie DiCarlo.

Google Image Result for

Another Paint mother and foal. I cannot get over their markings. She's quite the beauty and looks like her baby will be just the same.

Aww… We think this foal is just too cute. Happy spring to Paul Frank fans and ponies alike! :)


awww, a little baby horse! or as we call them (all horses) PONIES! , Its adorable!

Totilas, the most brilliant competitive dressage horse of our generation. And he's a world-class baby-daddy too!

"Totilas, the most brilliant competitive dressage horse of our generation".personally, I believe Valegro and Blue Hors Matine are much better. Their movements seem more natural, like they really enjoy dancing, not forced and exaggerated like Totilas.

On the wings of the morning they gather and fly, in the hush of the nightime I hear them go by. The horses of memory thundering through, flashing white fetlocks all wet with the dew.

Fierce Grace- one of my favorite photos,

Black Stallion Looks by Carol Walker, a Friesian stallion in California

Black Stallion Looks - Fine Art Horse Photograph - Horse - Black and White - Friesian

American Quarter horse foal~ sweet!! I would name it C.W for Crescent Wrench...for that super cool marking....

Quarterhorse, brown foal lying in a meadow

Mintse 384 Sport at the Friesian Connection - Sale Horses and Breeding - photo by Cally Matherly

A Friesian stallion named Mintse Sport my dream horse.AMAZING Friesian Stallion,( Leffert is his Sire who recently past)

These 10 Rare And Beautiful Horses Are Like Nothing You’ve EVER Seen! | PetFlow Blog - The most interesting news for pet parents around the ...

The Akhal-Teke is a horse breed from Turkmenistan. Only about are left worldwide. Known for their speed and famous for the natural metallic shimmer of their coats. THE COLOR IS AMAZING! most beautiful horse I have ever seen

Wellensittich Vogel Gemälde Vogel von OrientalArt2029 auf Etsy

Budgie Bird Painting , Bird watercolor painting, Bird art, watercolor, Art print size 8X10 inch for room décor and special gift No.196

Budgie Bird Painting , Bird watercolor painting, Bird art, watercolor, Art print size inch for room décor and special gift

Horse Riding Tips for beginners #horse #tips #horseriding

These Important Tips on Horse Riding are Vital for Beginners

Horseback riding provides some of the same benefits as yoga. Riding tones your lower stomach muscles and helps with breathing, balance and control.

Australian Shepherd puppy---what a beautiful dog, priceless expression

Wasserfarben-Malerei eines Pferdes in Lila und Violett-Tönen.

Horse art print abstract horse painting farm animal by ValrArt

leopard schminke karneval schminken attraktiv

Fasching Schminken - Den Karneval-Look vollenden

Leopard makeup Carnival make-up attractive