absolutely feminine & stunning leg tattoo, I don't like leg tattoos, on an arm or rib cage would be awesome! not for me but pretty

Native / Tribal / Maori / Polynesian / Samoan arm tattoo. Full sleeve.

The body is the greatest canvas (35 Photos)

When placed together, tattoo sleeves are basically large tattoo or a collection of various random designs that cover a bigger part of the arm.

I like the contrast between the black and white from the bright color in the middle.

32 Cool And Colorful Tattoos That Will Inspire You To Get Inked


Photo credit: Bird Song poster, London Underground, via The Feather Collective. Original in colour. ° your kiss makes my heart skip a beat and my soul take flight.

hold tight

Dangerous Kiss, Nice photo, I really like the feeling of wild abandon and on the edge.

"Man muss das Leben tanzen!" Weitere tolle Zitate gibt es hier.

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Love is never without pain, "said the hare and hugged the hedgehog

I& going to hang this by the bedroom door for sure. Remind him every morning when he& leaving for work to kiss me one more time.

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because I know my future husband is somewhere in europe lol

Distance is just a space in between. A lovely idea after my experience with long-distance relationships

Lion Man

This is a very unique photo which has been edited by putting on a lions head onto a man's body which unusual hair(dreadlocks) and could be used in my AS Graphics book.