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Corn Shakers Music Activity for Preschoolers. Great for a fall, harvest, or Thanksgiving theme. Discover the educational benefits of using shakers in the classroom to enhance early learning!
Diese Instrumente kannst Du sofort nachbauen | Da ist überall Musik drin: aus Gummiband und Bräter wird eine Gitarre. Und aus Trinkhalmen einen Panflöte. Wenig Aufwand, viel Spaß! Wir haben Instrumente gefunden, die Du mit Haushaltsgegenständen einfach selber machen kannst.
Cute vegetable craft to plant in garden sensory box
Dramatic play garden/farm theme - harvet fruits and veggies!
Fine Motor Skill Building- Using the water dropper to practice controlling small amounts of material into a small space without making a mess on the table.
Flour, sieves, collanders and squeezy tea strainers in the black tray outside. I was amazed by the children's imagination in this open ended resource! EYFS
Making transient flowers using pipe cleaners, leaves and glass nuggets.
A different kind of weaving...wrapping sticks. Great fine motor skills.
Place the beans in the Numicon - Jack and the Beanstalk.
Cardboard or wood cut-out decorated with caps from juice bottles, etc. Clever mosaic.