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a bag of bird food sitting on top of a table
Bird food blend for Chickadees, 12 ounce bag, gourmet birdseed, gift for backyard birder, sustainable habitat wildbird seed, bird lover gift
"Chickadees are amazing birds and fun to watch. They dart in and out for food, rarely staying more than a few seconds. They have such distinctive marks with a downy soft black cap and various shades of gray and white, making them easy to spot. This premium bird food mix, in a 12 ounce packet, is prepared especially for your Chickadees and other small birds. Chickadees and their close cousins love this food. Black-capped Chickadee Brown-headed Nuthatch Carolina Chickadee Cheste
a bag of bird seed next to a bowl of birdseed
4 pound bag of Wild Bird Food Blend, gourmet birdseed, gift for backyard birder, sunflower seeds, wildlife habitat, Cardinal, Goldfinch
All your favorite bird food blends in 4 pound bags. Stock up for spring. Feed the Birds! Gourmet Cardinal Blend Gourmet Goldfinch Blend Gourmet Chickadee Blend Gourmet Junco Blend Gourmet Finch Blend Gourmet Wren Blend Gourmet Blue Jay/Woodpecker Blend Bag dimensions when full of mix Height: 16 inches Width: 12 inches Bottom width when full: 4-5 inches Select birdseeds come from MN and ND where the majority of bird seed products are grown. Working with farmers, exceptional quality seed is includ
a wooden bowl filled with nuts next to a bag of granola on a stone slab
Wild bird food for Wrens, 12 ounce packet of premium wildbird mix, birdseed wildlife habitat, sunflower seeds, peanuts, outdoor birdfood
"Gourmet bird food blend for Wrens will attract many of the 12 different types that traverse the Americas. Look for Carolina and Winter Wrens east of the Mississippi and Cactus Wrens in the southwest. West of the Mississippi you may see Canyon and Rock Wrens. Pacific Wrens are, you guessed it, found in the Pacific NW. Wherever you live enjoy watching wrens flock to your feeders when this gourmet bird food blend is out. This 12 ounce bag includes top of the line premium seeds: Shelled Sunflower S
a bag of ground coffee sitting on top of a white countertop next to a red flower
This item is unavailable - Etsy
4 pound bag of Cardinal bird food blend, wild bird mix, birdseed, gift for backyard birder watcher lover, sunflower seeds, millet, bulk seed
three brown paper bags with birds on them
Ecotrition Bird Food Packaging
Ecotrition Bird Food Packaging by Audrey Gould, via Behance
a brown paper bag sitting on top of a table filled with seeds and grains in front of a white background
Ave Bird Seed - Pets - Package Inspiration
Ave Bird
a bag of ground spices sitting on top of a table
Wild bird food for Juncos, 2 pound birdseed blend for wildbirds, gifts for birder lover watcher ornithologist, outdoor garden pet feed
Multiples available upon checkout. Etsy does not show this information for listings above $20. This premium bird food mix is prepared especially for Juncos, who breed in the west and northeast parts of the US. They also winter in large swaths of the country. East of the plains the Juncos are all gray and white, but in the West they come in various color patterns, with reddish-brown on the back or sides or both. Some were once regarded as different species. Regardless of the color they will flock
a brown paper bag with paw prints on it
Kraft Small Paw Prints Shaped Window Stand Up Zipper Pouch | 5 1/8" x 3 1/8" x 8 1/8" | 25 pack
Fitting for a pet business, animal lover, or pet themed party, this kraft pouch with paw print windows is going to be a hit. This kraft pouch features 2 small paw print windows on the front and a solid kraft back. The windows allow the content inside to be seen. Great for packaging cookies, homemade treats, small toys and more. This 5.75 mil food safe pouch features a resealable zipper to help lock in freshness. Bag can be heat sealed for retail and has tear notches for easy opening after purcha
a brown paper bag with a paw print on it
Kraft Large Paw Print Shaped Window Stand Up Zipper Pouch | 5 1/8" x 3 1/8" x 8 1/8" | 1 pack
Ideal for pet packaging or pet themed parties, this kraft pouch features a large paw print shaped window. This clear window is located on the front of the pouch and provides a large viewing area for the contents located inside. Measuring 5 1/8? x 3 1/8? x 8 1/8?, this standing pouch is perfect for packaging items like homemade treats, biscuits, cookies, small toys, bones and more. Bag is made from food safe material and can be heat sealed for a tamper resistant closure.Homemade treats, bones, to
three brown bags with white hearts on them and the words your brand here in black
Tips On Packaging Bulk Dog Treats and Selling for Profit
two brown paper bags with paw prints on them sitting on a blue and white checkered table cloth
all natural and organic dog treats for your fur family! our barnhouse biscuits