Printable mandala coloring pages. Complex kaleidoscopic coloring sheets for older kids, adults and artists, part of a collection of free adult coloring pages and patterns for coloring and artistic design.

Tattoo idea:art Black and White hipster moon artwork triangle yoga lotus Lotus Flower third eye Pose om Namaste yogaeverydamnday satnam yoga flow

acrosc: “I hope you wanted more alchemy stuff that I found,’s more alchemy stuff that I found. They all involve circles. A lot of circles. [ …and here’s my alchemy tag if you want.

Logos. on Behance

Kind of simple, and not very informative as to what these logo was made for, but it's simpler and clear enough to get the main theme.

Archimedes’ turbine – minimal geometric composition. Golden Triangles l Sacred Geometry

geometrydaily: Archimedes’ turbine – A new minimal geometric composition each day minimal, minimalist, minimalism, art