Cupcake aus Body und Strümpfe - Anleitung (englisch)

Baby Onesies Flower Gift Basket DIY - Club Chica Circle - where crafty is contagious

Throw a casual outdoor party for your graduate! Let party guests know they have the right house by adding a sign to your front walk! For more graduation party tips and ideas, look here:

Graduation Party Tips and Ideas

Cut out letters and glue to paper plates, attach wooden dowels or kabob sticks and stick into the lawn. This graduation decor serves as a direction guide for your party and it can also cut down your party expenditure.

9 Must-Take Newborn Photos…

New Born Baby Photography Picture Description No, I am not thinking of having kids, but these are cute - 9 Must-Take Newborn Photos…

These beautiful itty bitty knitted bear cubs hats are cute beyond words. They will make for a great charity knitting project.

Free Knitting Pattern for Itty Bitty Bear Cub Baby Hat - These easy bear cub hats come in two sizes originally for preemies but I'm sure you could adapt for larger sizes. Designed by Carolyn Ingram. Pictured project by jooney

Geschenk zur Geburt

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Mama and Mini Mama Matching Sparkle Shirts

moses basket rocker with wool mokee nest

Moses Basket Rocker

Rock baby off to sleep in our moses basket rocker shown here with the Mokee Nest.- Simple, fresh design to suit any room - Fixed height makes it perfect for placing beside your bed - Gentle rocking motion that lets your baby drift off to sleep - Perfect f