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three birds sitting on a barbed wire fence with a castle in the distance behind them
some very pretty flowers growing on the rocks by the water
sunday blooms
lavender field with trees in the foreground and shadows on the ground, from above
Provence Photo by Dennis Stock 1970s
Sage Journal X Good Nature Country, Urban, Edible Garden, Amazing Nature, Sage, Journal, Journey, Best
From urban plot to rural refuge | The Pomeroys’ journey to country living & abundant gardening
Sage Journal X Good Nature
a red house surrounded by flowers and trees
Red Cottage in the Country
three potted cacti in front of a window with green shutters and pink flowers
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a pond surrounded by trees and grass in the middle of a garden with lots of water
an outdoor courtyard with stone pavers and potted plants on the ground, surrounded by greenery
Michael Freeman Photography | Tobita House
Tobita House The garden of a house in Den-en-chofu, Tokyo, designed by Satoru Masaki, on the Shinto legacy. Between the garden and the house is a slightly sunken circular courtyard. To create the courtyard, the designer chose sakuishi stone, as it retaine moisture and therefore suppots mosses, which he planted. Japan
a circular garden design in the middle of a forest filled with trees and flowers, surrounded by gravel paths
beautiful natural labyrinth.
the path is lined with bushes and trees
Garden Dreamer | An Enchanting Roman Garden — Rose & Ivy
a chair sitting in front of a window next to a lamp
Surfside Retreat — Freudenberger Design Studio
Surfside Retreat — Freudenberger Design Studio
an old building with flowers painted on it's side and a blue door in front
a statue in the middle of a garden surrounded by hedges and trees with stairs leading up to it
Nordic sublime
a field full of orange flowers with trees in the background
Chronicles of a Love Affair with Nature
“Amar não é desejar. É compreender sempre, dar de si mesmo, renunciar aos próprios caprichos e sacrificar-se para que a luz Divina do verdadeiro amor resplandeça.” ― Chico Xavier
a garden with lots of plants next to a white house in the middle of trees
a field full of blue and orange flowers next to a tree
Forget-me-nots and Tulips (Explored)
an alley with orange lanterns hanging from the ceiling and snow on the ground around it
the garden is full of green plants and dirt, with one person laying on the ground
a house made out of stained glass surrounded by plants
Weil es Zeit ist für Gärtnerei: 21 Bilder für ganz viel Inspiration
several glass blocks with plants in them and grass growing out of the bottom one side
a woman sitting at a table with a cup of coffee in front of her on the roof
雲海: Archive
an archway with a fountain in the middle surrounded by trees and snow covered ground at dusk
a bedroom with wooden walls and flooring has a chair in the corner next to a bed
The Stunning Results of a Decade-Long Renovation on Washington's Vashon Island
a flock of birds flying over a snow covered field next to trees in the fog
several swans are swimming in the icy water near some trees and snow covered ground with no leaves on them
a flock of birds flying over a lake on a foggy day
a small stone house with a table and chairs in front of it, surrounded by greenery
Dreamlike moments in our enchanting Cotswolds cottage ✨
Dreamlike moments in our enchanting Cotswolds cottage ✨ . . . 📸 Shepherds Cottage - 1.1 Miles S of Chipping Campden, Cotswolds Capture credit - @ James Lloyd Cole . . . #boutiqueretreats #staycationuk #luxuryretreat #luxurystay #cottagelove #traveldreamseekers #cosycottage #dreamhomes #dreamylittleplaces #luxurygetaway #escapetheeveryday #modernluxury #rustichomes #rusticinteriors #thecotswolds #visitcotswolds #countrylifestyle #cottagecoreaesthetic #duskphotography
a living room with a blue couch and large window overlooking the forest outside it is also furnished with a rug on the floor
Things I Love
Things I Love
small white and yellow flowers growing out of some rocks
delicatuscii - Wasbella102
a kitchen filled with lots of wooden furniture next to a window covered in potted plants
a white house surrounded by trees and leaves
a heart’s a heavy burden.: Photo
an open door leading to a wooden staircase
Tour the Cotswolds Home Where William Morris Created His Most Iconic Prints
an open door in the corner of a room with floral wallpaper and green cupboards