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an illustration of people swimming in the water on a beach towel with ladders above them
Shelley Davies, Artist and Illustrator | Art to Zucchini and everything in between | Page 3
Visa Intro
For a completely different VISA piece I worked on! Plus I got to work with the fantastic designs from Oddfellows in San Fran, and some wicked cool buddies in Cincinnati. :)
an image of red foxes flying in the air with their tails spread out and eyes open
Elise Gravel illustration • foxes • fox • renard • orange • pattern • cute • art • drawing • fun • bichromia • 2 colors •
an illustration of a woman standing in the water with her legs spread out and feet crossed
The Rest
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four different stages of drawing an animal
Sports / Esports - mr.9 / design
Sports mr. 9
a drawing of a woman with flowers in her hand
pond /inktober #6 #inktober2016
a drawing of a woman sitting on the ground with her hair blowing in the wind
a girl with pink hair and glasses standing in front of cactuses on a blue background
Illustrated Ladies
Mesdames illustrés
two hands touching each other with one hand holding the other's finger, in black and white
regards coupables
two people laying on the ground with their feet up in the air, and one person holding
An entry from tenderblue
a black and white drawing of a woman sitting on the ground with her legs crossed
Chic fashion illustration // Garance Dore
a drawing of a woman holding a flower in her right hand and flying a kite
Fashion Illustrations — Hello|Claire
Claire Ashley #fashion #illustration