Florian Baumann

Florian Baumann

Florian Baumann
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Billion Dollar-o-Gram 2013

Billion Dollar-o-Gram 2013 - Information Is Beautiful are peerless when it comes to representing huge numbers elegantly.

Adidas Springblade.  Adidas Springblade  The new Springblade from Adidas is all about energy return. The groundbreaking design features 16 forward-angled blades made of a high-tech elastic polymer that releases energy with every step, propelling the runner forward.  $180

The design team drew inspiration from other athletic equipment, like springboards and pole vaults, and applied those concepts to a running shoe. In total, each Springblade shoe has 16 blades on the bottom, all set so they quickly compress .

Dog Toilet Bowl

Dog Toilet Bowl, totally need this for my dogs, who refuse just about everything but toilet water!