Tinyhouse-Company Berlin

Tinyhouse-Company Berlin

Berlin / Tiny House's / Tinyboat´s & Möbel für Mobile nach Wunsch Tinyhouse´s *Made in Berlin*
Tinyhouse-Company Berlin
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The London Tiny House

The London Tiny House

Floating Roof | Graft

High-tech kiosks in Wolfsburg, Germany. The curved shape, angle of tilt, car from rain and direct sunlight, allows enough daylight to avoid costly and unnecessary artificial light

Wow stunning home!

Literally 'Little Boxes on the Hillside' If Casa Brutale by OPA Is The Home Of The Future, Bring It On. Pics] - if it's hip, it's here

This is gorgeous. I would hope it could hold up to extreme weather.

It would be a lie to say I only like this because of the timber- I mean look at that copper roof! Lovely and unexpected combination of materials. Community Centre for Evangelical Reformed Church in Würenlos by Menzi Bürgler Architekten

8,70m TH, 3400kg Leichtbau für die Boot & Fun Messe 2017 Berlin

TH, Leichtbau für die Boot & Fun Messe 2017 Berlin

Außenansicht des Ateliers Posehuset

Although the old window and door openings of the original building remain visible from the exterior, they were covered on the inside with veneer. Instead, large windows on the roof and a clear glass door supply the interior with adequate daylight.