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so imagine a face off between a badass cas and demon dean, where dean attacks cas, and cas kisses him, in an attempts to bring back some semblance of what they had. and dean kisses back, not out of love but lust. and cas senses that and doesn't like it. But now dean won't stop

Ik that this is not a anime it is from a show called supernatral but it was too cute not to pin and i didden't know where else to put it 😊

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Thing you can find thanks to the fandom. <---- Our fandom is seriously the best.

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Hahahahahaha the British terms for erasers is a rubber. Lmao I don't ship Destiel or Sabriel but this is fucking funny. This is hilarious!

As a bi girl, I relate to this.

As a bi girl, I relate to this.