Dear Jane Quilt

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a woman standing next to a large quilt on display
a green and blue quilt on display
Dear Jane, Your Artistic Legacy Lives On!
a green and white quilt with many different designs
Dear Jane Progress 6-22-2010
the cover of an old quilt book with many different designs and colors, including triangles
Archief Producten - Dutch Fabric
a large piece of art hanging on the wall
Pour l'amour du Fil : L'expo Dear Jane ! - La boite de Biscotte
a red, white and blue quilt hanging on a wall
Baby Jane | SternQuilts
a red and black quilt on display in a room
an image of a quilted bed spread with many different colors and patterns on it
a woman standing in front of a red and white quilt
Dear Jane Exhibition and Talk - Nantes
an image of a quilt pattern with many different shapes and sizes, including the cross
Moda Stitch Pink Quilt Sampler in Thatched by Robin Pickens