Tula Nova Quilt

12 Pins
the colorful paper pieces are arranged in a circle
a box filled with lots of different types of fabric and paper pieces on top of a table
Tula Nova
a woman is working on an origami piece
Tickled Pink
an umbrella with a cat on it is sitting on the floor next to a wooden wall
Tula Nova – NW Quilted Cat
a cat laying on top of a colorful patchwork star shaped floor mat with purple and green stars
Tula Nova – NW Quilted Cat
an orange and black paper piece with animals on it's center surrounded by smaller pieces of fabric
a multicolored quilt is arranged on a white tablecloth with black and white designs
The hand stitching portion is complete! Appliqued my Tula Nova rosette onto the background, so happy with it.
a green and white umbrella sitting on top of a wooden floor
Pre Cut Paper Pieces for English Paper Piecing
a colorful quilt is hanging on the wall
Tula Truly Nova - Virtual Quilt Show