Five Reasons You Need Yoga In The Morning -- And the Poses To Get You There

The five top yoga poses to do in the morning: Cat/Cow, Cobra, Downward Dog, Warrior 1 & Forward Bend

Strong is the new skinny! (Its also the new sexy) I love this. Such a powerful message for women! Weightloss doesn't mean being skinny or thin. It means reaching a level of health that is RIGHT FOR YOU, feelng energetic and a better quality of life!


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NYC. Courage....

fit & the city---me once i get to NY. Only problem is I can't do a hand stand, how about a squat?

girl power.

Do Push Ups with a medicine ball; work harder, strengthen your core and get fit and toned abs. Push Ups the Exercise of the Week from Get in Shape for Free.

I love yoga. Creating shapes with your body is a beautiful thing.

7 Yoga Poses For Beauty

Yoga has all of a sudden become a rage again not only fitness freaks. Yoga for beauty is becoming a widely adopted solution for many skin conditions and general maintenance

my favorite pose

Bikram: Eagle Pose (Garurasana) I can never get my leg all the way around.