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Ralf Stallforth

Ralf Stallforth
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How to Make a Fire Tornado

This video tells teachers and other adults how to make a fire vortex. If you are a student under 18 years of age then you need to have adult supervision.

Craft Closet Boredom Busters

These super-fun Craft Stick Exploding Boomerangs can be easily made with just 4 craft sticks in about 10 seconds or less.

10 weather science experiments for kids, all are hands-on, easy to do science activities you can do at home or classroom. Create rainbow, make cloud, create tornado and thunderstorms. Great STEM activities for Kids from preschool to high school.

10 weather experiments for students preschool to high school, all are hands-on easy STEM activities kids can do at home or in science classroom: create rainbow, cloud in a jar, form thunderstorms and rain.