Der Kölner Dom

Cologne Cathedral - Cologne - Germany- beautiful, and more stairs than I've ever climbed in my life!

Liebesschlösser an der Hohenzollernbrücke in #Koeln │ #lovelocks on a bridge in #Cologne

Köln, Germany Love padlocks seem to be a relatively new tradition in which lovers lock a padlock, with their names written or inscribed on it, which symbolises their love and then throw away the key.

Köln (Cologne) Altstadt, Germany

Moving to Call Video Overseas for help Köln (Cologne), Germany

The 4711 house. Köln, Germany

Night view of Glockengasse No. Cologne: the home of 4711 Eau de Cologne since

Cologne, Germany

Groß Sankt Martin and Altstadt in Köln (Cologne), Germany. Love the contrast between the jolly houses in the foreground and the architecture and art/embellishments of the Groß Sankt Martin and Altstadt in Cologne Germany church in the background.