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i've been to sagrada familia in barcelona

Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família (Barcelona, Spain) one of my favorite places on Earth. Oh Gaudi, you just knew how to make God's sandcastle

need to visit jordan. petra. desdevweb.com

Petra in Jordan. On my top 10 travel list since I was a kid watching Indiana Jones.

i've been to the city of love and light. desdevweb.com

The famous Eiffel Tower by night in HDR from the Trocadero during my last night's trip in Paris to see my family. Eiffel Tower by night HDR

i've been to sydney, australia. desdevweb.com

See a show at Sydney Opera House, Australia. ✔︎ Sydney Symphonic Orchestra, June 7 Classical and Spectacular

need to visit peru. machu piccu. desdevweb.com

Peru is located in Western South America . Peru was conquered by the Spanish Empire in the Century. Before the take over by the Spanish Peru was home to the Norte Chico Civilization and the Inca Empire. Over the years Peru has become a.

i've been to paris . summer 2012

I love everything about this picture. The dress, the bike, the hat, the hair, AND the Eiffel Tower of course. I want to be this girl right now

need to visit cambodia. desdevweb.com

Prasat Angkor Wat Temple Architects - Started by: Suryavarman II Finished by: Jayavarman VII Location: Siem Reap, Cambodia Date: Century

need to visit italy. desdevweb.com

45 Awe-Inspiring Landmarks Around The World Colosseum, Rome. Has stood the test of time for over years.

i've been to san francisco. desdevweb.com

The Golden Gate Bridge is continuously painted and repainted all the time. The bridge is so long that by the time the paint crew gets from one end to the other, it’s time to start over again. Photo by: Jonathan Fleming Hope to go again.

i've been to barcelona, spain. casa mila. desdevweb.com

Casa Mila Landmark photography by R Duran 45 Awe Inspiring Landmarks Around The World