Mermaid Pocket Knife Necklace.

Mermaid Pocket Knife Necklace (Limited Edition) - Necklace comprised of a double sided detailed brass mermaid doubling as a mini working pocket knife. Mermaid pocket knife hangs from a gold plated chain and wire clasp.

By: Selah Walker - "No one takes the time to get to know me... everyone just looks at my face and goes "oh she's really pretty." then they look at my hair and go "oh she's blonde." then they see that I'm not fat and that's when they come to the conclusion "well, she must be ditzy and a drama queen and a slut." well im not! I happen to be intelligent. I get good grades in school and I enjoy playing chess." -Read the rest of the story on my Creative Writing board.

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Pop-culture characters painted in a 19th century style Good.

Duke Created by Hillary White Based on Francois-Xavier Fabre’s Portrait Of A Man. Another fantastix geek portrait for Hillary’s exhibit at Nosh Kitchen Bar in Portland, Maine, showing through.

Saatchi Art Artist: Ana Elisa Benavent; Acrylic 2013 Painting "Talking With Myself" Yes.

I want this as a carpet - Saatchi Online Artist: Ana Elisa Benavent; Acrylic, Painting Talking With Myself

Saatchi Art Artist: John Sokol; Mixed Media 2010 Painting "On the Road to Perilous"

Sometimes you find people on the road; (On the Road to Perilous, tar and varnish on canvas, 60 x John Sokol)



LOVE , the colors/Saatchi Online Artist: yossi kotler; Digital 2014 New Media "wondering"


We present: lost feather - Joanna Sierko Filipowska. One of the many paintings by Joanna Sierko Filipowska. We encourage you to get acquainted with the entire portfolio.

Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs ^

Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs

Matisse’s studio, Hôtel Régina, Nice, Photo by Lydia Delectorskaya ©

The Best Of French Street Artist DRAN #Art

The Best Of French Street Artist DRAN

Or, really, the "worst." He's at his best when he's depressingly morbid.


Robert McGinnis has relegated the world with award-winning illustration spanning six decades and he has no intention of stopping anytime soon.


Spontaneous (sold) Painting by Kyle Brock


Tiger - hand colored art print on canvas

Saatchi Art: Tiger - hand colored art print on canvas Printmaking by Lykke Steenbach Josephsen