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an electronic device with two speakers attached to it's back side, on a white background
Red Dot Design Award: Eco Series Water Purifier X1500
The Eco Series Water Purifier X1500 is an under-sink water purifier that requires little mounting space due to its narrow width of only 105 mm. The housing is made of durable stainless steel and has two reverse osmosis filters. The filters, which only need to be changed infrequently, counteract the waste of resources.
the blender is next to two cups and a cup with a straw in it
GoPower eLite
The GoPower eLite blender is a powerful smoothie maker with 1,100 watts, whose container also serves as a drinking cup. This makes decanting into other glasses unnecessary. Its rotating blade consists of six titanium blades and also processes, for example, fibrous celery, frozen fruit, hard nuts and crushed ice in just a few seconds.
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Red Dot Design Award: Cocinaré Juicer CMJ-501
The cordless Cocinaré Juicer CMJ-501 is suitable for many types of fruit and vegetables. It can be used in the home kitchen as well as for applications outside the home such as picnicking or camping. The appliance comes with a transparent juice container that allows you to check the juicing process.
a black mixer is hanging from a wire
Red Dot Design Award: Wilfa Smooth Mix
“The compact hand mixer Wilfa Smooth Mix stands out for its elegant shape with dark-colored body, and ergonomic handling. Even during longer use, it lies comfortably and securely in the hand thanks to the non-slip handle,” the jury agreed. The equipment includes two whisks and two dough hooks made of stainless steel.
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Red Dot Design Award: Thimax Smart Air Fryer
The Thimax Smart Air Fryer has a user-friendly digital control panel that offers a choice of eight programmes. Its 360-degree circulation technology ensures fast cooking and at the same time crispy texture of the fried food. The glossy black finish and reduced lines make for an appealing appearance.
an electric mixer with a metal bowl on the side and a black stand next to it
Red Dot Design Award: Wilfa Probaker
Behind the appealing aesthetics of the Wilfa Probaker food processor is a sophisticated technology that ensures optimal kneading performance. The powerful motor not only drives the rotation of the stainless steel bowl, but also the rotation of the mixing tool. Finely adjustable speed levels as well as overload protection ensure comfortable use.
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Red Dot Design Award: Ecowater Cloud Diamond Series Full Kitchen RO
The Ecowater Cloud Diamond Series Full Kitchen RO water purifier can be installed under the sink even when space is limited thanks to its slim format. The product works with multistage filtration using activated carbon and reverse osmosis. In this way, phosphates, nitrates, heavy metals, viruses, bacteria and pesticides are removed.
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Red Dot Design Award: Ecowater Cloud Diamond Series
The water purifier of the Ecowater Cloud Diamond Series Wall Mounted Heating Dispenser can be wall-mounted for the convenient preparation of coffee or tea as well as for drinking water. The easy-to-read touch display takes the shape of a drop of water and can be operated intuitively.
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