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a silver stove top with two burners and some knobs on the side, in front of a black background
Red Dot Design Award: BLANC2.0
The BLANC2.0 is a hob with three gas burners and digital functions. The cooking zones are equipped with a temperature-sensing module for spot-on cooking. A high-quality stainless-steel base, brass burners and cast-iron pan supports characterise the design.
the blender is next to two cups and a cup with a straw in it
GoPower eLite
The GoPower eLite blender is a powerful smoothie maker with 1,100 watts, whose container also serves as a drinking cup. This makes decanting into other glasses unnecessary. Its rotating blade consists of six titanium blades and also processes, for example, fibrous celery, frozen fruit, hard nuts and crushed ice in just a few seconds.
a black mixer is hanging from a wire
Red Dot Design Award: Wilfa Smooth Mix
“The compact hand mixer Wilfa Smooth Mix stands out for its elegant shape with dark-colored body, and ergonomic handling. Even during longer use, it lies comfortably and securely in the hand thanks to the non-slip handle,” the jury agreed. The equipment includes two whisks and two dough hooks made of stainless steel.
a black stove top sitting on top of a counter next to a gray wall and floor
Red Dot Design Award: NikolaTesla Unplugged
“The NikolaTesla Unplugged induction hob is designed to be controlled intuitively. It is operated via click-release knobs with an analogue touch-and-feel that provide quick access to the functions. All elements are integrated into the reduced appearance, and the cooking zone is intelligently separated from the control module.
a close up of a faucet on a white background with no one around it
Red Dot Design Award: Pietro
“Pietro is a manual coffee grinder designed with ergonomics in mind. Its distinctive shape is characterized by clean lines that emphasize both the solid construction and high functionality. An example of this is the lever on the side, which can be retracted when not in use,” the jury said of the product.
an oven is shown in front of a window with the view of a house at night
Red Dot Design Award: LHOV
The LHOV cooking combination is a 3-in-1 solution that integrates a hob, hood and oven. “The unit reshapes the cooking experience. It is a compact unit that fits seamlessly into modern kitchen architecture and provides a harmonious appearance - without protruding corners or interruptions on the countertop,” the jury found regarding the product.
an open dishwasher in a kitchen next to a counter with utensils
Red Dot Design Award: TIVALI
TIVALI is a kitchen unit that combines a dishwasher with a kitchen sink. A wide stainless steel basin with a draining board offers enough space for cleaning larger pots and pans. Thanks to the flexible fitting, cleaning is effortless. The dishwasher can be operated intuitively via the clearly arranged symbols on a touchscreen and offers numerous programmes.
a modern kitchen with marble counter tops and bar stools next to the countertop
Red Dot Design Award: BE WTR AQTiV™One
BE WTR AQTiV ONE is a water system purifier for private households, restaurants and work environments that is connected directly to the drinking water supply. To come close to a source spring water quality, the tap water is actively enriched with oxygen and treated by a whirling mechanism and 18 micro nozzles.
a kitchen sink sitting under a faucet on top of a black countertop
Red Dot Design Award: Lt-Integrating
Lt-Integrating is a multifunctional kitchen sink that can be adapted to the user's needs. Its large basin can be divided into several compartments with insert trays. A cutting board can also be hooked into the edge of the bowl when preparing meat or vegetables.
a black faucet on a white background in the shape of a handrail
Red Dot Design Award: Cascabel
When developing the Cascabel kitchen tap, the focus was on sustainable production. Unlike most fittings, the water spout is not an energy-intensively produced casting, but a bent tube. Thanks to intelligent design, it was also possible to eliminate the welding of individual elements.
a kitchen sink and faucet in front of a counter with fruit on it
Red Dot Design Award: Icon Semi-Pro
The Icon Semi-Pro kitchen faucet stands out with its sleek design and matte black finish. The faucet is designed to blend harmoniously into both cooking islands and kitchenettes. The high-positioned spray provides great flexibility when washing, cleaning or filling containers.
a white sink sitting on top of a wooden counter next to a wall mounted faucet
Red Dot Design Award: Spazio
Spazio is a kitchen sink made of Keratek. For the material, quartz, ceramic particles and a mixture of acrylic resins are fused with nanotechnology to create a robust material. Draining surfaces to the left and right of the tap and the perimeter edge improve the practicality and functionality of the product.
a kitchen sink that has some green vegetables in the bottom right corner and water running down the drain
Red Dot Design Award: Mythos Masterpiece Collection
Mythos Masterpiece Collection is a series of kitchen faucets, sinks and accessories for sophisticated and durable kitchen furnishings, characterized by an expressive color scheme: Consumers can choose from charcoal, copper or gold. The sinks and faucets of the Mythos Masterpiece Collection add an elegant touch to kitchens and appeal with their clear design language, said the jury.
an alarm clock with the time displayed on it
Red Dot Design Award: RC-MGA30/KRC-MGA30
RC-MGA30/KRC-MGA30 is a multifunctional rice cooker specially designed for small households that can prepare bread, cakes or side dishes in addition to rice. The appliance can cook common types of rice under optimal conditions, ensuring the best possible result. It can be set individually to prepare other dishes.
a kitchen stove top sitting on top of a counter next to a potted plant
Blaupunkt 5IX80290
The frameless Blaupunkt 5IX80290 induction hob has an integrated extractor fan with 10 power levels that activates automatically during cooking. It is placed centrally between the two induction hobs and thus extracts the fumes quietly directly at their source.