Süsse kleine Maus (gefilzt)

The Little Mouse with recycled swaeter - unique - needle felted ornament animal, felting dreams by johana molina - made to order on Wanelo

"Santuario" Wool, LED kit, ribbon, wire, acrylic paint & polymer12" x 5" x 4.5"

These soft sculptures are created by an ancient method of shaping and firming wool, called felting. The wool can be formed by wet-felting, using hot soapy water and agitation, by needle-felting, us…

Sweet Dreams Little Mice Bed: The bed has a mattress, one pillow, sheets, a warm knitted blanket for winter.  Measures:  Length: 10cm / 4   width:

Sweet Dreams Little Mice felting dreams ready par feltingdreams

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