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ICOM Transceiver - one of the most popular transceivers in amateur…

✠ Das GANZE Deutschland soll es sein, UND ZWAR von der Maas bis an die Memel u…

Yes this is nazi Propaganda. Still, Germany used to be That Big and the prussian Part of me still Cries for the lost kingdom of Prussia. Lost in such an ideotic war.:'( PRUSSIA Land of Friedrich the Great and my

ham radio mobile - mobile_install_diagram

Ham radio mobile installation primer, with examples. Beginner's tenets for ham radio mobile stations.


What is my definition of a Communications Go-Kit? A Communications Go-Kit (or Radio-Ready-Kit) is made up of a portable "Amateur radio" station and assorted personal gear that can quickly be assembled to respond to a "Call

Yaesu 857D little known Easter Eggs.

Yaesu Amateur Radio Transceiver HF VHF UHF AllMode Remote Head Capability * See this great product-affiliate link.