Reinhard Zernechel

Reinhard Zernechel

Reinhard Zernechel
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schöne einfache Deko für den Garten, saisonal bepflanzbar

cool idea, I need to learn more about flowers/plants The flowers don't want to grow in the part of the bucket that is shaded. this person must have just planted these flowers because there is no way the pansies inside the bucket would bloom.


Spilled flower pot / awesome idea for a broken pot.


put sideways pot anywhere with a solar light behind flowers very pretty.loooove the idea of Solar light included!-- I have the perfect wine barrel to cut in half and do this with!

90 Deko Ideen zum Selbermachen für sommerliche Stimmung im Garten

Idea for under magnolia tree

blumen pflanzungsidee ausschüttender effekt holz fass

Wave Petunias Spilling Out of a Barrel - beautiful garden idea, i like purple or pink wave petunias but the white looks nice and frothy - great upcycle use for a wooden bucket no longer able to hold flowers - could use another container as well

Ausgelaufene Milchflasche

Cool landscape idea for front yard. Dont cry over spilt milk.very cute front yard idea!


Blue Lobelia spilling out of the planter. suttonbend Blue Lobelia spilling out of the planter. Blue Lobelia spilling out of the planter.

Winter flowering pansies are happiest in late spring! I love this container arranging for pansies! I Love Pansies.