Inner frog. i like this idea of a tattoo that gives the effect of a natural discoloration or birthmark....or hickey mark hehe

I must say, this is a really fascinating idea! Silhouette of a little frog tattoo, making it seem like its inside of the skin! I'm not into the frog, but I love this idea!


Wood Furniture & Decor :: Modern / Traditional Wood Chair Bench, Public Seating / Bench / Stool, Installation Yvonne Fehling & Jennie Peiz, “Stuhlhockerbank” in Nullpunkt.

Two of Spades ~ Japanese playing card

Cats in Illustration: Japanese Playing Cards, Two of Spades-- cats playing ping-pong with the spades used as table tennis paddles.

Mirror installation / Ron Gilad

Mirror installation / Ron Gilad Or-- Another idea: how about a photo ( inside or outside of your store) with a mirror cut out to reflect face(s). Customers can see themselves in the color/clothing without having to try it on!


I really like the thought of the aliens having a connection to Egypt. I could base the theme on the theory of aliens visiting earth centuries ago and their printed clues to their existence on Egyptian art and hieroglyphs.

New York City

tatsdesign: “ (via It’s Nice That : Graphic Design: Triboro Design create a brilliant new logo for Nike NYC) ”

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Scott Packard, a former project manager for the Marine Corps' combative test program, examines how the U. military trains its soldiers in close combat.