Ein Dutzend psychologischer Tricks

Ein Dutzend psychologischer Tricks - Win Bild


Whoever said that diamonds are a girls best friend.Never owned a dog. This is so very i love my dog more than any diamond in the world(:


Letting go so I can be free--holding onto toxic friendships is like holding this balloon--the only way to be free of it is to just let it go.

Pain is relative. What doesn't kill you might kill someone else. Relevant irrelevant relative So careful with the urge to say "I've seen worse" or "it could be worse.

mochabear :)

The road to my heart is paved with paw prints . Quote with a set of paw prints for each of my rescues?

so true!

Being a mother…I love this! I have not yet been blessed with children of my own, but I do have a sweet fur-baby, who I love with all my heart!

Wie wäre Dein Name als Einhorn? Finde es beim Kotzenden Einhorn heraus! Einfach Deinen eigenen Namen eingeben und los geht's!

Erfahre jetzt Deinen Einhornnamen

Hallo Traumbody! 12 geniale Fitness-Tipps, die dein Leben umkrempeln werden

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