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I'm not sure who the artist is, but I'm loving the fluid merge of color and the pop of texture!

The 5-foot, 200 lb LEGO Deathstar by City Blocks - Tacoma's Brick Art Center (Geek Stuff Nerd)

The 200 lb LEGO Deathstar by City Blocks (Tacoma's Lego art studio open to the public/kids) | Stormtrooper | LEGO×STARWARS CONVERGE

Pin 1 shows a lot of blocks in the form of a Lego man representing a lot of everyday activity and without it the Lego man is not complete, much like ourselves. | Mario and Bowser BrickHeadz

Mario and Bowser BrickHeadz

28385184215_d19f8cbebd_m.jpg (135×240) -

28385184215_d19f8cbebd_m.jpg (135×240) -