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HE asked me to dance, I said yes . My soul dances with the Lord , The LORD of the dance. God You and I dance.

wie wahr

In honor of MLK day, Everyone has a dream. Those that create their dream job are ENTREPRENEURS! What are you willing to do to create your dream job?


Real Unicorns Funny General Card Real Unicorns Have Curves- says the rhinoceros. A funny general card. Unicorns come in all different shapes and sizes Just ask the Narwhals and Rhinos.

#spruchdestages #zitat #quotes #sprüche Noch mehr inspirierende Sprüche findet ihr auf

#spruchdestages #zitat #quotes #sprüche Noch mehr inspirierende Sprüche findet ihr auf

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This is so true : Men will never understand how joyful it makes us fee to unsnap that bra, whip it through our shirt sleeve, and fling it across the room.

Wenn die Flasche halb leer ist, bin ich halb voll

When the bottle is half empty, I'm thinking half full ~always positive~

Bildergebnis für halt dich nicht an etwas fest das eh schon losgelassen hat