Pretty cool trick xx

Thanks Amber for sending me this! Great Idea: How to Make Hazy Photo Sandwich Bag Trick - DIY & Crafts - Handimania

Grundlegende Photoshop Tipps für Essen Fotografie

Basic Photoshop Tips for Food Photography

DSLR Photography tips Basic Photoshop Tips for Food - probably could be used for other product photography as well Improving your photograph.

This camera trick will have you taking pictures like a pro.

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Anleitung Fototransfer / wichtig die Kommentare!

DIY: Fotodruck auf Holz und Leinwand

Um tolle Portraits zu machen, musst du kein Profi sein und brauchst keine teure…

Portraitfotografie kann jeder - Tipps für Einsteiger

Use this simple photoshop tip to take an ordinary photo and turn it into a dramatic edit that will help tell your vision and story.

Photoshop Tips: Dramatic Edit

Simple Photoshop tip to turn ordinary photo into dramatic edit that will help tell your vision and story

Keine Angst vor dem Modus-Wahlrad deiner Kamera! :)

Kamera-Modus: was bedeuten M, S, A, P & Co.?