So etwas kann man nur mit den Golden machen....

A Dog, 8 Birds And A Hamster Are The Most Unusual Best Friends Ever

A Dog, 8 Birds and a Hamster. /Venham vamos ser abiguinhos ~ amor canino contagiante he seems so relaxed

cool ... witzig ... knuddelig ... praktisch ... oder einfach nur inspirierend ...

Community Post: I Guess I'll Sleep Over Here Then!

I see it could be two ways. One: the big dog is very kind and left the big bed for the pup. Two: the pup went on the big bed and left the small bed for the big dog. In that case, if I was the big dog, I would just lay on the small dog (or around it).

21 Dogs Who Don't Realize How Big They Are. If this doesn't make you smile, I don't know what your problem is! :)

21 Dogs Who Don't Realize How Big They Are

21 Dogs Who Don't Realize How Big They Are. I love this. I want a Irish wolf hound

Three in a row; tail HUG!

Funny pictures about Tail hug. Oh, and cool pics about Tail hug. Also, Tail hug.

spider web

Talk about adaptation! This impala from the Kruger National Park in South Africa is now a mobile home for a spider with the spider's web spun between the impala's two horns. Image by Frank Soloman.


Green transportation: A long-tailed macaque hitching a ride on his deer friend in Malaysia.

Sheeps of the Swiss breed Blacknose Sheep

Valais Black-faced Sheep – Yes, these are real sheep. They are called Valais black-faced sheep. So cute!

Adorable! Spectacled Flying Foxes (Spectacled Fruit Bats) Australia

Spectacled Flying Foxes, Pteropus conspicillatus, Australia -- (Bats) They roost in trees and look a lot like ripened figs until you get fairly close.


if we had thumbs, we would be snapping ---- cats imitating West Side Story's Sharks and Jets

Giant, Australia

Giant Beast, Indonesia

Monster Crocodile, Adelaide River, Australia photo via dailymail. this "monster croc" is missing an arm. how big was the other crocodile that bit this things arm off? i think your monster croc is still out there.