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the tiny house is red and has windows on each side, along with an awning
RHEINZINK – Your company for titanium zinc | rheinzink.com
Tiny House with zinc roof. Sustainable living in this amazin tiny house. Roof is clad with RHEINZINK-prePATINA ECOZINC bright-rolled. Simple living in nature. Modern Home Building made simple. Excecuted by Tischlerei Stölken and Bauspenglerei Billbrook GmbH.
the tiny house is made out of wood and metal
RHEINZINK – Your company for titanium zinc | rheinzink.com
Tiny House with zinc roof. Sustainable living in this amazin tiny house. Roof is clad with RHEINZINK-prePATINA ECOZINC bright-rolled. Simple living in nature. Modern Home Building made simple. Excecuted by Tischlerei Stölken and Bauspenglerei Billbrook GmbH.
some buildings that are next to each other on the side of a hill with green bushes
Picture of the month August: The #renovation project by Ellerkamp Bedachungen GmbH & Co. KG . Six residential units of the #building received 2 #dormers on top of each other. This efficiently extends the roof spaces without taking up more floor space. Transverse seams were incorporated to soften the dormer sides. RHEINZINK-prePATINA ECO ZINC blue-grey was used as the material. The dormer windows over 2 floors show a great way of expanding existing living space well thought-out and sustainably.
an aerial view of the roof of a building
John-Marc Hamann participated in the #RHEINZINK-Masters in 2015. We are proud to present an object that he realized with his own company. He worked with RHEINZINK-#CLASSIC bright-rolled. "Since the property is located on the Baltic Sea coast, we had to lay the max. 5.70m long coulters in wind and weather. In addition, we only had a limited amount of time to do this work, as the Timmendorfer Strand's stipulation was that there should be no scaffolding during the season," John-Marc tells us.
an aerial view of a white church with a cross on top
Spenglerei Winter - START
Spenglerei Winter has specialized in the renovation and re-roofing of domes. "The requirement for the Preservation of Historical Monuments and the building owner was to reconstruct this according to the historical model. The required 7500 shingle blanks were punched out and then manufactured by hand. The biggest challenge was not just to edge an ordinary envelope, but to reconstruct the roll envelope", reports Christian Winter. 3500kg of RZ-CLASSIC and approx. 1200 working hours were required.
several women working on plants in a factory
Flachdach- und Bauwerksabdichtungen
Photo of the month May: Gutters in a different way // Today we would like to tell you about a great event that took place at Iso-Bau Oberhausen GmbH on this year's Girls Day. Some schoolgirls were allowed to take a look inside the company and created handicraft work with their own hands. They built flower boxes out of gutters! #RHEINZINK-CLASSIC bright-rolled was used for the creative work. We think this is a great idea and congratulate the participants on their successful day!
three people standing on top of a ladder in front of a glass door and one person wearing black
Hörnschemeyer Dächer GmbH & Co. KG
Bei der Hörnschemeyer Dächer GmbH & Co. KG ist etwas ganz Großes entstanden: Im Rahmen eines Azubi-Projektes wurde eine Wand des Aufenthaltsraums mit RHEINZINK prePATINA ECOZINC in schiefergrau bekleidet. „Die Wand ist eine tolle Gelegenheit für unsere Kunden und Partner zu sehen, was alles gestalterisch möglich ist mit dem Werkstoff Zink. Für die Auszubildenden waren die vielen Stunden mit RHEINZINK auch so etwas wie eine sehr intensive interne Fortbildung“, erzählt Dachdeckerin Lisa.
three chimneys on the roof of a house with trees in the backgrouds
The Hotel Dukla in Bardejovské Kúpele, Slovakia shines in new glory. The property, built in 1895, is undergoing a complete renovation. The roof is getting a new look, and from now on, it will wrap the building in RHEINZINK-prePATINA ECO ZINC graphite-grey. The work was carried out by the company KLAMPPLAST BJ from Slovakia. Since the investor was looking for an exceptional material, the choice finally came down to RHEINZINK. For the company, this was the first project with #RHEINZINK 🖤.
an outdoor patio with potted plants and chairs next to it, surrounded by greenery
Nanette Bang started an extension to her own home in Copenhagen in 2016, which was designed to blend in so well with the original appearance of the house that it would not be noticed. The house is a traditional Danish 'Murermestervilla'. Nanette felt the house deserved a gutter that not only had a simple, classic look, but was also of good quality. If you want to marvel at more of the idyllic home, you can find more info on her Instagram (@storbybonden) or Pinterest (@Storbybonden).
a metal roof on top of a building
RHEINZINK – Your company for titanium zinc | rheinzink.com
Two birds with one stone: Masterpiece decorates parents' house: Mike Schuhmacher gave his parents a very special gift: To complete his roofing master's degree, he worked on a canopy, which he has now installed on his parents' house. The materials he used were #RHEINZINK prePATINA blue-grey and prePATINA graphite-grey. Blue-grey was used for the homemade panels on the underside of the canopy and graphite-grey to cover the gable ends. We think the project was more than successful!
a metal chimney on top of a roof
RHEINZINK – Your company for titanium zinc | rheinzink.com
Photo of the month December Love of sheet metal // Johannes Hättich came up with the idea of giving the chimney of his own home an unusual look with #RHEINZINK. The carpenter has been working with sheet metal for several years and then finally decided at the end of last year to continue his professional path in a bending shop. In the meantime, he says, the love of sheet metal outweighs the love of wood. Santa Claus will definitely not fly by the house now. The chimney stands out even from afar!
a small house made out of wood and metal
Architektur & Innenraumgestaltung | Architektin Daniela Raduycheva
Minimalism - a trend that is attracting more and more people in our fast-paced world. Just like architect Daniela Raduycheva of Weniger Haus, mehr Heim! Architektur GmbH. A 40m² vacation home in Ottersberg was to be her kick-off project as an independent architect. #RHEINZINK GRANUM basalte was chosen for the roof. The noble, matte appearance of the almost black zinc is achieved by phosphating the surface based on the most modern and environmentally friendly production technology. #inspiration
a metal trash can sitting on top of a roof
Picture of the month October: A noble building detail The Völker roof plumbing company accents a single-family home in Potsdam-Mittelmark with a special-look chimney, showing that creativity and craftsmanship can have a big impact on building details, too. /// #rheinzink #titaniumzinc #chimney #inspirational #metalcladding
an outdoor kitchen with potted plants and benches
Our photo of the month this time is a renovated garden arbor. Heiko Looft comes from Schleswig-Holstein and works as a tinsmith at Beitel + Kolbe GmbH. In his garden, a pigeon proposal was turned into an equipment room that has become a real eye-catcher. "Since I have been working with RHEINZINK for more than 25 years, it was clear from day one which material it was going to be and how the equipment room was going to look," Heiko reports. // #rheinzink #metalcladding #titaniumzinc
a chicken coop with a metal roof
Picture of the month August: Maciej Skowroński from Poland had the idea to use #Rheinzink as roofing for a miniature house. To be precise, for a rabbit hutch. "The size of the hutch is 86x90x75 cm. The dimensions of the roof are 108x50 cm. The zinc panels are 21.2 cm wide and I installed them using the angled standing seam system, just like a normal roof. It took me about 18 hours to finish the new home for the pets," says the tinsmith. / #architecture #inspiration #metalroof
an empty bar with bottles on the wall
Fabricant d'objet de décoration à Roanne - L'effet Zinc
Client: Le Flacon des Halles, Roanne, France / Architecture: KEOPS ARCHITECTURE, Roanne, France / Craftsman: Audrey and Alexis from L'effet Zinc /// In the French town of Roanne you can find the wine cellar "le flacon des Halles", which has recently been equipped with a particularly stylish bar. The natural material of #RHEINZINK fits perfectly into the overall appearance of the bar. The wooden elements together with the zinc have become a real eye-catcher. /// #interiordesign #pictureofthemonth
two origami animals sitting on top of a gray couch next to each other
#MetallOrigamer » Schiefereien
Photo of the month June: The best friends // "When I was once again looking for a new challenge, I came across the cute elephant on the Internet," reports Torsten Thielmann. "On Instagram, I let my followers vote on whether I should make the elephant in copper or Rheinzink. They voted for #rheinzink. To set contrasts, I made details such as the crown, the eyes, the eyebrows, the chest and the feet in copper," Torsten continues. // #artwork #inspiration #craftsmanship
a blue house with trees in front of it and a cat sitting on the window sill
Picture of the month may: Various possibilities for individual design requirements /// This once again shows how individual design requirements can be realised with titanium zinc. The company Bedachungen Monteton from Bochum skilfully implemented the client's ideas of a mix of natural materials, in this case slate and titanium zinc, as well as the desire for a horizontal laying method. So the choice fell on the RHEINZINK SP-Line. /// #rheinzink #architecture #spline #inspiration #metalcladding
a sculpture of a rabbit with a bow on its head in the middle of a grassy field
Fabricant d'objet de décoration à Roanne - L'effet Zinc
Easter greetings from the RHEINZINK-Easter Bunny! On this occasion, our photo of the month: an Easter bunny made of RHEINZINK CLASSIC bright rolled. Alexis and Audrey from L'effet Zinc in France designed and built this impressive mythical creature. A total of 32 zinc parts were assembled and welded together. As a little add-on, the bunny waers a copper bow tie. We wish you a happy Easter and a peaceful time with your loved ones. // #RHEINZINK #inspiration #pictureofthemonth
a house with a sloping roof and stairs
RHEINZINK – Your company for titanium zinc | rheinzink.com
Our photo of the month is already an old gem. Just in time for Christmas it was finished on 22.12.2005 by the Dethlefs Sanitär- & Heiztechnik from Friedrichskoog. The owner of the house is a master metalworker and wanted his house to have a metal look. The choice fell on RHEINZINK in the surface quality prePATINA blue-grey, because it convinced from the start with its uniform zinc-typical appearance. /// #RHEINZINK #metalcladding #architecture #titaniumzinc
two red roses sitting next to each other on top of a carpeted floor with feathers in the background
Happy Valentines Day to you all! With that being said: Let flowers speak! While still an apprentice, Kevin Dubois had the idea of creating a rose out of zinc. Little by little, the passionate roofer perfected his working technique and has probably already made about a hundred of these extraordinary pieces in his spare time. The 29-year-old relies on RHEINZINK because he appreciates the quality, the comfortable processing and the robustness of our material.
a man is working on some type of tool
Selbstgemachtes Weihnachtsgeschenk aus Zink
Picture of the month: Advent wreath from zinc /// Homemade gifts are definitely a trend this year. Something from zinc would offer itself there nevertheless. Our training instructor Heimo shows you an awesome Do-It-Yourself idea in the YouTube video. The Advent wreath can serve perfectly as a Christmas gift for a loved one, or maybe it will find a place in your living room as a last minute Advent wreath. In any case, we hope you have fun making it! // #rheinzink #pictureofthemonth
a statue of a zebra standing on top of a lush green field
RHEINZINK – Your company for titanium zinc | rheinzink.com
October ///// Alexis Gaillard and his wife Audrey have a passion for decoration. So, they founded "L'effet Zinc". They design and produce decorative objects made of zinc. They are particularly fascinated by the art of origami. So they were very pleased to receive an order from a customer who wanted to place a zebra as a highlight in his garden. In 130 hours of work, RHEINZINK material was cut to size, soldered and patinated so that the zebra's stripes would give the zinc animal the final touch.
an open window on the roof of a house
RHEINZINK – Your company for titanium zinc | rheinzink.com
September ///// A modern timeless look combined with the old tradition of a summer house on the Danish island of Ærø: that was the goal of the project by the plumbers of Blikkenslagerne ApS. In order to guarantee a long service life without much maintenance, the choice of materials for the roof fell on RHEINZINK titanium zinc in the surface quality CLASSIC bright rolled and natural slate. The dormer, which shows the sunrise over Ærø, makes the house from 1902 a real eye-catcher.
a large metal ball sitting on top of a pile of rocks next to a planter
RHEINZINK – Your company for titanium zinc | rheinzink.com
August ///// Jacob Ebbinghaus from Delbrück is not only a soccer fan, but also a RHEINZINK fan. For the start of this year's season of the 1st German soccer league, he combined his two hobbies and made a handmade soccer ball from our material in his spare time. The realistic sculpture now has a place of honor in the front yard and gets the soccer fans in the area in the mood for the new season. For us, this achievement is already masterful - 1:0 by Jacob Ebbinghaus!
a metal pipe laying on the ground next to a brick wall
RHEINZINK – Your company for titanium zinc | rheinzink.com
July ///// John-Marc Hamann from Schleswig-Holstein calls his work of art a "Mythical Creature" and leaves it up to everyone to interpret the animal on the downpipe on a garage roof from one of his customers. The master plumber likes to combine creativity with his normal work routine. The 26-year-old has been working with RHEINZINK material since his apprenticeship. Because of its high-quality characteristics, he was able to recommend RHEINZINK to his customer for the drainage system.
a silver truck parked in front of a gray wall
RHEINZINK – Your company for titanium zinc | rheinzink.com
June ///// Thomas Claußen never misses the opportunity to tinker around with metal in his spare time. He recently completed a small piece of art as part of his "contrast program to everyday office life," as he describes it himself. The functional model of a Unimog has become a real eye-catcher with RHENZINK titanium zinc. This has resulted in a very realistic miniature replica on a scale of 1:4. The 12 volt all-wheel drive and the tilt function give the model its functionality.
the side of a building that has a large wooden structure on it's face
RHEINZINK – Your company for titanium zinc | rheinzink.com
May ///// The Bereswill carpentry and roofing company has achieved a "wow" effect with the facade design of an exposed gable in Bexbach, Saarland. The choice of cladding fell on the attractive combination of RHEINZINK-prePATINA blue-grey in angled standing seam and the wood of Siberian Larch with graying glaze. The effective accents of the environmentally friendly and maintenance-free RHEINZINK surface harmonize perfectly with the natural material of the larch.
there is a mask with scissors on top of the table next to some wrenches
RHEINZINK – Your company for titanium zinc | rheinzink.com
November ///// The carnival season just started into a new round. Appropriately, today our picture of the month - a mask made of zinc. It was designed by master plumber John-Marc. The idea for the mask came to John-Marc while reading the book "The Wandering Harlot". Because one of the main characters needs a mask made of metal to hide the burns on his face. Since John-Marc is also a fan of the Vikings series, he created his own mask. Masterful performance, John-Marc!
a metal model of the eiffel tower on a wooden table
RHEINZINK – Your company for titanium zinc | rheinzink.com
April ///// In keeping with the Parisian rooftops, today we have a Parisian landmark as picture of the month for you - and it's made of zinc. The original consists of 18,000 iron elements and was built within 26 months. The approximately 90 centimeter high copy was completed by our French colleagues with a laser machine within a few days. It can't quite keep up with the original, simply because of its size. But it is certainly a nice decorative object.
two people standing next to each other holding a sign that says rheineinzner
RHEINZINK – Your company for titanium zinc | rheinzink.com
March ///// RHEINZINK LOGO MADE OF RHEINZINK by Torsten Thielmann. "Because I enjoy working with metal - exclusively with RHEINZINK for zinc work - I was looking for something new to try. Then I saw the alphabet in Pepakura optics on the Internet. The lettering of the Rheinzink company was a good choice to try out," says Torsten himself. And his wife was also involved in the artwork: "The fine tuning with the LED chain comes from my wife". That's what we call a very successful team effort!
an origami bird sitting on top of a wooden table next to hammers
RHEINZINK – Your company for titanium zinc | rheinzink.com
February ///// Björn Ehling is a passionate craftsman and a fan of our material. The master tinsmith has now produced a three-dimensional object - an apple made of zinc. Björn Ehling found working with the zinc scribe particularly challenging. Because the scribing of the edging lines meant that corrections after edging were not possible. In the end, however, the success proved the passionate tinsmith right - the zinc apple has become a real gem and looks good enough to have a bite.
a metal weathervane sitting on top of a table next to a wooden wall
RHEINZINK – Your company for titanium zinc | rheinzink.com
January ///// You only turn 75 once. For the stagecoach driver's birthday, therefore, it should be something very special. The idea: A weather vane built true to the original from a photo of his Hanover stagecoach. Since the company Metallbedachung Kupferschmiede Amlow has often done drifting work with zinc, it was commissioned by the Dabel carriage association to create the gift. Father and son put a total of 60 hours of work into completing the project.