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another funny that makes me laugh..

another funny that makes me laugh.


his fav game - scrabble, oh to have been able to play a game with him.

Or they left the series or they became evil and everyone's like why do you have a fictional crush on the bad guy

Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury

Unless the book is unpleasant and every character you love DIES!

Wilson is a complete and utter bookworm. It helps take his mind off of his home situation. He loves living through all of the adventures that can be found in books. He loves Grim Faerie Tales. He gets called a nerd for this but at least he can read.

Freddie <3

Freddie Mercury his regular face. Freddie Mercury died at his home in London Freddie Mercury was Born on 5 September 1946 – Died 24 November Age 45

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