Einfache Dekoideen Mit Blumen | #Hochzeitsdeko

Selina Lake Outdoor Living Book 12 page special Just add sunshine as featured in Magazine - Styling by Selina Lake Photography by Debi Treloar by qurain

Lavendel schneiden - Mein schöner Garten; 1/3 Rückschnitt nach Blüte; 2/3 im Frühjahr

Lavendel richtig schneiden

decorative pots

Decorative Flowerpots and Planters

Blue Pots with Pansies Adorable. I would do in Green Pots with pretty greenery and white flowers in them. (match my house/yard) Would be very pretty way to bring some life to an old shed wall .

Love this!

Stonescaping Made Simple: Bring the Beauty of Stone Into Your Yard (page 90 gravel and timber steps) (Timber Garden Step)

"Instead of buying ornamental sweet potato vines for flower pots, I put sweet potatoes (with eyes) in my flower pots, put annuals in for color, at the end of summer, I empty the soil out of the pot, then I have lots of sweet potatoes."

How To: 10 Vegetables & Herbs You Can Eat Once & Regrow Forever

Gorgeous blue enamelware collection

Hou nie vd blou, maar wit enamel in kombuis kan interessant wees.

mosaik im garten stilisierte Schnecke aus Steinen

Mosaic in the garden How about a colorful mosaic in the garden? That way, you can implement with little effort and waste more energy and freshness in outer space.