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I need lessons

Creative thinking "ON" the box: "MY father was killed by ninjas need money for karate lessons.


young, wild, and free ~ yep - a couple of euro girls dancing without a care in the world ~ I do listen to U. Brussels right?

Bath time!

Funny pictures about Edible men in curry soup. Oh, and cool pics about Edible men in curry soup. Also, Edible men in curry soup.

Nikon ad campaign - 12 Face Detection

“The Nikon Detects up to 12 faces.” The campaign was produced by the ad agency Euro RSCG/Singapore. via The Illusionists


collaboration with Shadyjibes aka Gulshan kishor really love the outcome of this shit hehehe. [link] thanks for viewing!

Fuck Off

The Fuck Off Shoe Collection by Mark McNairy. I honestly wish all of my shoes had this on the bottom of them! The saying "kick rocks" would now have so much more meaning behind it lol!

just breath...

Funny pictures about Anger management lesson. Oh, and cool pics about Anger management lesson. Also, Anger management lesson.