Reconnaitre et choisir un pinceau / which brush?

Brush Tutorial - Basics about different kind of fibers, where to use which, and how to maintain your brushes. (The one part of painting I absolutely hate is taking care of brushes!


I don't know if I like this style of drawing as much because without any outline it is difficult to see the structure of the whole face. I do however, like the way the eyes are not facing straight forward, they are looking to the side.

Los posts no son creaciones mias ofensa♥ : Foto

I've decided to draw one sketch of Disney o movie/TV character every day from Monday to Sunday (I accept your suggestions ^^). I already had Snow White week, and most of you suggested to draw Bell.

I basically took all sketches I had laying around and put them together with these plant/flower-backgrounds (*´▽`*) Ah, I don't want them to waste haha orz MERMAID B.