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My name is Majo. I grew up in Shangri-la, the witches haven. I'm a sorceress and moved to Japan to find out about human customs. I have a select group of friends and seem shy to everyone else. I love reading and my favorite color is dark purple.

Cat lover  Very suitable for someone who doesn't like being disturbed YOU CAN NAME HER AND SHE IS 11

Anime picture with original kazu kakao long hair single tall image looking at viewer blue eyes black hair girl thighhighs skirt hair ornament miniskirt white thighhighs hairclip cat grass player

ADOPTED Selina is She loves to play with animals, and has always dreamed of meeting a Neko. She& kind and her favorite animals are cats, but she loves to be around any kind of animal, big or small. She& very brave.


Neko's are intriguing. Their always pictured as beautiful humans with cute animal tails, and commonly animal ears. Wat I don't understand is y they also commonly models, musicians, or pictured in a smutty way nya!