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Attracting the public displaying merchandise and still having space to move around: this is the challenge addressed by Czech architects ORA in Optik a 40 square

Quercus by Max Ashford #industrialdesign #productdesign #lamp

Product/Industrial Design Inspiration

Quercus – Desk Lamp Design by Max Ashford. For the lamp shade, Ashford used a wine bottle that he cut in half and frosted as to emit a warm and soft light.

Handmade Terrarium Paper Table Lamp

Handmade Terrarium Paper Table Lamp

A vessel of light. Hand forged from steel and enveloped in handmade paper. A dual purpose lighting design, composed of two main elements;

Ripple effect captured in glass-domed lighting by Poetic Lab

"The Ripple Project, by London-based design studio Poetic Lab, is an examination of the effect of light when projected through a rotating, hand-blown glass down. The result is an ever-changing pattern that appears to mimic the movement of water.

Philippe Starck Designs Two New Products for FLOS

Philippe Starck Designs Two New Products for FLOS

The Bon Jour is a beautiful table lamp. The soft lighting this image makes the lamp look as if it has an almost immaterial body.

Keeping abreast of botanical trends frequently involves monitoring the size, shape and design of plant receptacles. And when it comes to vases, it seems that stalk-space is shrinking, pushing us into an era of the single-stem flower display. ‘It’s all ...

Single life: the new floral minimalism means less is more

East London florist Grant & Thorn keep abreast of the latest botanical trends with new floral minimalism: single-stem vases

Shkatulka by Lesha Galkin 0

The Secret Box Pen

We want, we need this desk organizer, Shkatulka. Organize the marble and wood pieces to house your office supplies, any way you want ‘em. Russian designer Lesha Galkin nails form + function, no?

<p>Design studio Hattern is a trio from Seoul creating two-tone acrylic vases inspired by Impressionism. The aim is to elicit same effect of a changing light as the Monet or Renoir did, so Hattern pro

Mellow Vases: A Story of Blending Light

Korea-based design studio HATTERN looked to art print Impressionism of the century when designing their Mellow Collection of acrylic vases.

Undulating Hawaiian Patinated Metal Lady Hula Lamp 1

Undulating Hawaiian Patinated Metal Lady Hula Lamp

View this item and discover similar table lamps for sale at - Rare, whimsical, vintage electric patinated metal hula girl with hand-painted tropical, fringed shade, and matching fringed skirt.