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Doorway stonework - Machu Picchu

The precision of the stone bricks can't be explained.Machu Pichu doorway ~ basia asztabska photography - MAGIC, different materials. The gateway introduces and cuts through your view of the stone wall at the back.

Homemade Cherry Granola

For the past few days I've been under the weather and needed to make a large batch of something nutritious that my family could eat.

Rylee Hitchner Photography

A Fall wedding inspiration project for Once Wed. Our team was led by the extremely talented Ginny Au who's sense of style, color and composition is so inspiring. The breathtaking photography was taken by Rylee Hitchner. Hair by Joanna Ballentine

Chia Seed Powercake | via Madewell | by way of instagram @baileybeckstead

Oatmeal pancakes (madewell musings) -- gluten-free pancakes (using gluten-free oats)! Original recipe not vegan though I intend to veganise using alternatives for egg whites :)

Rhubarb and Strawberry Compote with Fresh Mint

Rhubarb and Strawberry Compote. The rhubarb cooks down quickly. Strawberries are added at the end and the pot taken off the stove. The result looks much more melded than the photo shows — better I think. I used about half the sugar and no mint.