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By Yoahime^^ I found her on Instagram. She is so amazniiing *^*  Xoxo

I erased a page (barely had anything drawn on anyways) so I can use the page for something else.I feel like I'm getting desperate for sketchbook space but ahhh the art store is so far but maybe I can ask my dad to drive me tmr (。┰ω┰。) I stopped working

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Roma Marcury, 16 und Lucias Beste Freundin seit Kindertagen. Sie steckt alle mit ihrer fröhlichen Art an und hasst es zu Streiten. Sie ist in Schulschwarm Taylor verliebt.

ADOPTED This is Miki. Age She is obsessed with strawberries and gets excited very easily. She never goes anywhere without her skull doll and squeezes it when she gets really mad.