Trench Composting. simple and fast way!  ***This makes so much sense to me.  Right up there with feeding all your leftovers to your chickens the way my gradma did.  They were her "disposal".***

Skip the Bin: Trench Composting

Perfect solution to not needing or wanting a compost bin or pallet pile in the yard. Skip the Bin: Trench Composting

Trench composting - Dig a short one foot ditch, chop yard trimmings and food scraps, and mix them into the soil in the bottom four inches of the trench. Resume digging the trench until the materials are covered and a new trench is formed.  When creating any kind of compost pile, avoid using material that re-sprouts, such as willow, alder, and Bermuda grass.

Trenching - composting by digging a trench roughly 3 feet deep and filling it with compostable scraps, covering them with alternate layers of soil. Once completed, leave them for months to break down and then plant your vegetables directly into the bed.

Compost trench...when I start my garden

Red Worm CompostingThe Vermicomposting Trench I wonder if this could be done in smaller quantities w/o worms. Maybe a small trench between each pair of plants.

Ronny is telling you:'Fijate que si las haces anchas de costado, tus vecinos que miren de costado no van a ver nada!!! pero de frente a tu vista tienen que ser finitas'

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Potato Tower

How to Build a Potato Tower - Gardening world. I think I need a potato tower this year. Also some garlic and onion in the garden. Those are our high demand items.