Gooey Monster Eye Cookies

Ooey Gooey Monster Eye Cookies Recipe - so good and perfect for Halloween! Yellow cake mix, cream cheese, & powdered sugar with green food coloring and a candy eye on top! Halloween is coming soon.

Halloween mummy cupcakes

Looking for an easy Halloween recipe that will be nice to your waistline? Try these Low-Fat Chocolate Mummy Cupcakes. They not only have low-fat cake mix, they have low-fat frosting, too.

Teeth. Great Halloween snack idea! #FABsmile

Sub soy butter for peanut butter - Halloween mouth snack. Apple slices, dunked in lemon juice/ water for color stay. Marshmallow teeth with a spread of peanut butter to hold it all together! SO cute!

Sink your teeth into one of these menacing treats made from shoestring licorice, red candies, and sour candy tape. Get the recipe for Vampire Cupcakes.

Vampire Cupcakes

Vampire Cupcakes Ingredients 1 vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting 2 inches black shoestring licorice 1 chocolate cookie or wafer, crushed (about 1 tablespoon) 2 red chocolate-covered candies red sour candy tape, cut into 2 small triangles

Pizza Mummies Recipe  #halloween #snacks #pizza

Pizza Muffin Mummies Recipe: Give your trick-or-treaters a fun, healthy snack before they hit the neighborhood. Try this Halloween party food that can be made in minutes. These frightfully easy pizza muffin mummies are made with five simple ingredients.

Spidey Cookies Red hots and twizzlers turn oreos into creepy spiders.  #Halloween #snack #medicinesmexico #partyfood #halloweensnack #spidey #cookies

Spider Cookies - Red Hots and licorice turn Oreos into creepy (but kinda cute) spiders. Shoestring licorice is hard to find these days. Twizzlers makes “Pull-Apart” candy that works perfectly.