DIY Vogelhaus Geschenkbox

DIY Bird Nest Gift Box

Carino per Pasqua! DIY bird house gift box template: perfect for homemade candy, small party/shower favors &

DIY Heart Bookmarks

Origami is a little tricky for them because they don't have the dexterity, but with a little help they made origami bookmarks and christmas trees as an activity. They had fun with it. Folded Paper Heart Book Page Marker – DIY


Envelope templates (C6, C7, C8) // String-tie & standard designs

Who doesn't like a pretty matching envelope? These Free Envelope Templates some String-tie & standard designs. I love the string-tie!

die Mohrrübe vom #Osterhasen als kleine Geschenkbox mit den Kindern #basteln

DIY Cute Carrot Shaped Gift Box


How to make Simple Nice Gift Box step by step DIY tutorial instructions

Geschenkverpackung Osternhase zu Ostern... Bunny box - free printable

Easter Coloring: EASTER BUNNY Paper Craft Printable Activity, makes a cute little bunny basket/box for treats

Origamikleider                                                       …

source Making this origami paper dress is very simple, here is a video of the paper folding process. Don& you think making a dres.