100 Days of Summer 2013.  These are 100 activities that are all low to no cost, screen-free, and a fun way to build truly memorable moments with your kids in the summer months.

100 Days of Summer Pinterest Board- 2013 Edition!

It's another 100 days of summer (the edition) of activities/crafts/recipes to do with your kids. adding i to the list for the summer bucket.

Resume organization and format

Based on eye-tracking systems, here's where recruiters focus on your resume. Oh, and they take on average 6 seconds to decide if you're a fit.


DIY faucet extender for bathroom sink out of a lotion or shampoo bottle to make hand washing for kids easier

Effective and Non-toxic Bleach Alternatives from

Truly Effective and Non-toxic Bleach Alternatives

cloth diaper used condition definitions

Used Diaper Condition (EUC, VGUC, GUC, UC etc.) Definitions

Used cloth diaper descriptions explained! Great if you're in the market for used cloth diapers.

Nothing Says Love Like a Big Metal Chicken

There is a part of me that sees these gigantic metal chickens and I want to stop, buy it and take it home with me for my porch.

Vertical Gardening (Ladies Home Journal)

Get behind the vertical gardening trend with one super-simple project that'll spruce up any porch, balcony, or patio.

Tough Parental Talks

How to Talk to Your Parents About End-of-Life Issues

It’s never easy to discuss death and end-of-life issues—but these essential conversations (plus strategies for starting them) will help give you and your parents some peace of mind.

What You Don't Know About Your Doctor Could Hurt You - Consumer Reports

What You Don't Know About Your Doctor Could Hurt You

Thousands of doctors are on medical probation for drug abuse, sexual misconduct, and sometimes deadly mistakes. Learn more from Consumer Reports.

Here’s How To Cut Down On Food Waste

Here's How To Cut Down On Food Waste

How to edit your Mac's Hosts file, and why you would want to

You can tell your Mac to use a Host File instead of your DNS to go online.