Fülle ein oder zwei Esslöffel Maismehl in ein Gefäß und lege es gekippt dahin wo sich die Schnecken befinden. Nacktschnecken mögen Maismehl und sterben nachdem sie es gefressen haben.

Slugs will eat cornmeal, even though it kills them. Put cornmeal in a jar turned on its side near the affected plants. Cornmeal kills ants too.

How to build your child a living playhouse. How cool will this be <3 it!

How to Grow a Child's Living Den or Playhouse With Willow

Kapuziner für gelb-orangschi Farbtupfer, anderi Blume wähle für anderi Farbtupfer

Beautiful Vertical Flower Garden, nasturtium maybe? green wall, living wall - For walls of a kid's Secret Garden

A clever idea if you want to set up a space for extra seating...or afternoon nap!

For under the big tree in the back yard! A clever idea if you want to set up a space for extra seating.or afternoon nap! Perfect around trees with lots of roots that make it hard to plant or landscape

fountains backyard ideas - Google Search

Outdoor Living:Awesome Creative Small Garden Decorating Ideas With Amazing Modern Garden Water Wall Ideas Beautiful Garden Design, Unique Garden Landscaping Ideas

DIY Flower Tower. Go ahead, make just one of these lovelies. It will give you a conversation piece to last the entire summer.

DIY Planters diy crafts diy decor diy home decor easy diy diy planter. For when you run out of room to plant.

#MazzTuinmeubelen-- #Inspiratie #Outdoor #Swimmingpool #Nature #Zwemvijver #Zwembad #Garden #Tuin

Prachtige ronde zwemvijver (zwembad) met vlonders in de tuin. # Fonteyn Lovely round swimming pond (pool) in the garden.

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