Nostalgie - Geschirr

Nostalgisches Geschirr aus 60-zigern und 70-zigern.
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a white bowl with pink flowers and green leaves on the rim, sitting on a white surface
Kleine Tabletts verschiedener Ausführung fürs Frühstück in zwei Größen – 5 Stück im Set. gebrauchte Ware Best.-Nr. RGE1009. Cuff Bracelets, Cuff
two pieces of metal with red circles on them
a clear glass plate on a white background
an empty glass dish on a white surface with only one object in the photo to be seen
a red bowl sitting on top of a white table
four glass knobs with different designs on them
a glass bowl with a bamboo handle and two glasses on the bottom, sitting on a white surface
there is a small white vase with a pink rose in the center on a table