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I can feel you through your lonely eyes, and I hope one day you'll understand how everything that hurt us was everything that made us who we are.

This one is very well done with lots of clever ideas. Hefty 224 sq. ft. little house doesn't feel tiny at all : TreeHugger

Built by tiny housers, this 224 sq ft abode looks almost like a regular-sized house, thanks to a few decisions: a regular-sized fridge, a generous countertop, and a lovely floating stair instead of a ladder. TreeHugger Tiny Homes

tiny house with translucent roof

The Gypsy Junker, a tiny shelter with a clear roof by Derek Diedricksen. Link goes to top level; search on "Gypsy Junker" on top left search bar. Tons of great Tiny Homes! would love a clear roof.