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Orange is the new BLACK
what do you think about this orange?
Beautiful Blue
What do you think about this color
Let’s sketch
What fo you think about this one?
Starting over
How do you like rhjs new abstract fox artwork?
Making Butterflies
What di you thjnk about this artwork?
Where does your art take you?
Ink scribbles
How Art Enriches Our Lives
Close your eyes for a moment and imagine yourself entering a restaurant, a school, or even where you work and finding nothing but sterile walls, empty, flat surfaces, and muted colors. Perhaps the walls are stark white, the floors bare and cold, no plants, no flowers, no paintings, rugs, sculptures, or anything handmade. Everything looks the same no matter where you go. There’s nothing to excite, distract, or intrigue you. The words boring and empty come to mind, don’t they?
Painting Faries
What do you think about this paintng
Small Abstract Art
How do you like these?
Painting, painting, paining
Love painitng new things...
Color love
what do you think about these colors?
Let's paint together
How do you like this one?
Let there be color
Nicew new art drop
NEW Art Drop
How are these?
Art Drop Paintings
How do you like these?